Epic Center Mathematics and Physics Olympiad Competition Course

Epic Healthy Living Education Center will offer Mathematics and Physics Olympiad Competition course starting Thursday Oct 6th 7:30-9:30 pm. This course will cover most important concepts of Mechanics to effectively improve high school student's skill to solve the physics problems. The course is also intend to prepare the students for the USA Physics Olympiad Competition F=ma test in January, also will greatly benefit their AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C – Mechanics courses, and help the students to achieve good scores on the related national tests next May.

Epic Summer Picnic

Despite of the bad weather, sixty out of total eighty people signed up for the picnic attended this weekend's picnic. Dawn Abernathy running for state representative of district 59 visited our picnic to ask for our support in her campaign to try to keep our tax money on education in our own local community.

Epic Healthy Living Education Center Annual Charity Performance (5/14/2016)

古筝独奏:渔舟唱晚,紫竹调, 亓瑀
新疆舞-心花怒放, 叶青舞蹈团
女声独唱: 我爱你中国,Lucy Xu
男声独唱: 天路, 杨春来
儿童舞蹈 -葵花朵朵开,叶青舞蹈团
青少年舞蹈队- 女儿红花样青春 ,叶青舞蹈团
旗袍舞- 苿莉花开, 叶青舞蹈团
青少年乐器演奏: 双簧管 (David Zhang),小提琴 (Oliver Leung), 古筝 (Diana Bi )
大合唱: 苿莉花, 我的祖国,爱培合唱团学员

Epic Center Hosted a Free Round Table Discussion On College Application

Epic Healthy Living Education Center hosted a 2-hour round table discussion on college application for high school students and their parents. Dr. Chunlai Yang shared his many years' experience working with high school students on their college preparation exams SAT,SAT 2, PSAT and ACT. Four college students also talked about their personal journey in college application, the importance of essay and the hurdles in transition into a productive and fun college life. This event was extremely well received for both high schools students and their parents.