Epic Center Hosts Financial Seminar Series

Life insurance has multiple functions which include replacing money you have lost to taxes or donated to charity, maximizing your pension or Social Security benefits, even funding college for the kids and grand kids. For those who plan ahead, life insurance can not only reduce taxes, but can be used to salve a host of other financial headaches. Please join Lucy Xu to learn various insurance products offered by New York Life.

Estate planning is not just about minimizing your estate tax, it's more about avoiding lengthy and cost inefficient way of transferring your assets. Durable power of attorney, health care directive and living will, will and trust are four components of estate planning. Four types of family particularly need to have this done for your loved ones: 1. Assets over 10 million for a couple or 5 million for a single; 2. Family with small children; 3. Family with business; 4. Family with real estate property. In order to get $300 discount, Epic members can work with Jenny Xu, certified financial planner from Waddell & Reed and Heather Walser, attorney with Lavelle Law.

You worked so hard all your life and contributed to nation's social security savings. Do you really know social security benefits and the flexible ways to maximize your retirement income? Jenny Xu, certified financial planner from Waddell & Reed provided an hour long seminar on this topic on Sep 12th 2014. You can file early with reduced benefit at age 62 or file with full benefit at age 70, married couple can adopt various strategies to maximize benefit, file and suspended, file restricted and combination of both. You can learn more on this topic at https://www.fidelity.com/viewpoints/retirement/social-security-tips-for-....